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vttest on different terminals

Cursor Movements test 1

Surprisingly, the authentic DEC VTStar code adds an extra E here.

Otherwise, Microsoft Terminal has a lot of problems.

Cursor Movement Test 2

Same problems as before. Microsoft Terminal is failing bad

Cursor movement test 3

Putty and Microsoft Terminal are a bit of a mess here. Putty is a mess

Cursor Movement test 4

Surprisingly, xterm fails really bad here too. And Putty is just a disaster

Cursor movement test 5

Microsoft Terminal has all kinds of problems on this page

Cursor movement test 6

Yippie… everyone passed

Screen feature test 1

Microsoft’s fails here… really really hard if you don’t force 80 column mode. Mine also fails here because I don’t start in 80 col mode.

Screen feature test 2

Everyone more or less passes here.. unless Microsoft isn’t already in 80 col mode

Screen feature test 3

Microsoft’s should look more like mine… but mine wasn’t setting the bottom of the screen attribute properly… the newest version is.

Screen feature test 4

Again Microsoft should be back on white here. I fixed mine (didn’t reverse blank space)

Screen features test 5

Microsoft’s looks like it works, but that’s only because it’s failing the previous 2 tests

Screen feature test 6

Same thing as previous slide… MS is passing by accident

Screen feature test 7

All pass

Screen feature test 8

Only MS fails

Screen feature test 9

all pass

Screen feature test 10

Only MS fails… mine looks bad, but it’s actually correct

Screen feature test 11

All pass

Screen feature test 12

Microsoft, putty and most of the time vtstar fail… no blinking. XTerm only blinks if the window is active.

Screen feature test 13

Same as above… also, I fixed the bug in the reverse background in blank space

Screen feature test 14

Microsoft fails completely

Mine is failing because the characters in the font are messed up. There’s some font switching problems in direct2d on Windows which are a problem for me.

Double size character test 1

Microsoft fails

Double size character test 2

Microsoft fails

Double size character test 3

Microsoft fails

Double size character test 4

Microsoft fails

Double size character test 5

Microsoft fails,.

Similar blinking problems on other terminals.

Mine passes 100%

Putty is an absolute disaster

Double size character test 6

132 column mode, same issues as 80 (text 5)

Double size character test 7

Microsoft fails again.

Putty can’t do boxes it seems

Vt52 Test 1

Microsoft is completely broken

VStar fails big

Vt52 Test 2

Microsoft doesn’t seem to do vt52

Vt52 Test 3

MS Fails again

Putty is really broken here too

Vt52 Test 4

MS Again

Putty doesn’t even run it here




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